Wind Turbine Inspection Services


      In-service wind turbines operate in harsh environments. While the wind blades are subjected to a high-level of stress, other components of wind turbines are also exposed to difficult conditions. This is especially the case in the bearing journals of the turbine and the slip rings that transfer the current from the rotors to the generator, where wear and tear happens daily. It is crucial to apply efficient and reliable nondestructive testing methods for the purposes of ensuring the integrity of wind turbines when in-service.

        In wind-turbine operators, the challenge is clear — costs must be driven down wherever possible to ensure they can continue to have a part to play in future energy generation. One such area where costs can quickly add up is in the repair and maintenance of the generators.

         AITECH JSC offers a broad range NDT inspection with NDT Expert who is experienced in composite inspection and in-service inspection.AITECH can help you to inspect Wind Turbine with low cost and suitable testing method for each kind of Wind Turbin.

Gearboxes - Phased Array Ultrasound

  • Locate Defects to Help Prevent Failures, Even When Access Is Limited.
  • Phased array (PA) probes direct ultrasonic beams, facilitating the inspection of multiple areas.
  • Reduced inspection time compared to radiography Immediate, quantifiable results for on-site analysis.

Picture 1. PAUT method for equidment.

Tower - Phased Array Ultrasound and TOFD

  • Monitor the Health of Your Wind Tower.
  • Quickly detect corrosion and cracks and archive your data.
  • Reduced inspection time compared to radiography
  • Detect and fix process problems right away.

Picture 2. TOFD for each kind of Wind Turbine.

Tower - Eddy Current Array

  • Quickly and Efficiently Inspect Welds on Towers.
  • Detect cracks and weld defects without removing paint.
  • Replaces penetrant and magnetic particle testing.
  • Automatic lift-off compensation for accurate results.

Picture 3. ECT 

Blades - Phased Array Ultrasound

  • Inspect blade spar caps and shear web bonding.
  • Efficiently inspect thick, attenuates materials, such as carbon fiber and glass fiber.
  • Wider coverage compared to conventional ultrasonic testing.
  • Configurable to scan in the longitudinal or transverse direction of the blade.

Picture 4. PAUT for wind blades.

Blades - Bond Testing

  • Inspect Blades for Disbonds and Delamination
  • Quickly and accurately detect disbonds and delamination in com posites
  • Automatic probe recognition with pre-programmed setup
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

Picture 5. Bondmaster 600 for Bond testing.

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